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Thanksgiving Care Packages

I’m going to be honest with you, I am incredibly proud of this care package. My husband is deployed right now, and for a while was in a place I couldn’t send mail to. So, now that I can I’m going overboard.


As you can tell, I pack as much as possible into each flat rate shipping box. I generally only send the large ones, as it is only a few more dollars for a lot more space! I decided to do a Thanksgiving theme for this box and might have overdone it, if that is possible.

Some of the items included:
Flannel pajamas
Thanksgiving decorations
Crest anti-sensitivity strips
Lots and lots of baked goods

I love to include baked goods in my care packages whenever possible. For this one, I included chocolate chip pumpkin bread (baked in mini mason jars),  white chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, and my husband’s favorite, brookies, a cookie topped brownie.


This is what I’m really proud of though. I spent much too long on this, but I am totally okay with it. I came up with the idea after finding some ideas on Pinterest, altering them to be more “me.”


I created a simple Turkey face,  using scraps of paper I had.


The “wings” were using scraps as well, and by far took the longest amount of time to put together. I made an accordion of paper to attach the middle sign.


The feet were a last minute addition and I am SO glad I put them on! I folded over the top of the “legs” and gluing down just that part so they are lifted up a bit and swing around.


I told you, I pack the box as much as possible. Usually I’ll organize it three or four times before I am satisfied. I have a bag of small items that I can use as packing material, like the penguin stress toy that I used to pack in the bread jars. You can see the bag of cookies on the right, that I essentially use as packing material. I use my vacuum sealer as much as possible, and have even used it to pack a blanket!


I used a small bit of tape to attach the sign to make it easy to remove when he receives it.


Of course I couldn’t stop there. My best friend is on her mission and has been CRAVING cookies. I have been a horrible friend and haven’t sent any. I used the same basic design,  on a smaller scale. I used the small flat rate box as a base, although I put it in another bag to cut down on shipping costs.

I had to cut apart the red paper to make it easy to open and close.


I made mini wings, just big enough for the flaps.


Here it is with the vacuum sealed brookies and cookies in the middle.

I’m very happy with how they both turn out, and am really hoping they get there in one piece. I hope this helps you!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Care Packages”

      1. Hey there! Super super simple. Use any recipe you would like. Wash the jars and lids in hot water. Bake the cake in the jars at 25 degrees f lower than called for, checking periodically. As soon as you take them out of the oven, put the lids on and seal them with the rings. As the cakes cool, they will seal! Check the button on top to be sure they sealed properly.

        It works really, really well. I had a package get lost and they were still good when they finally got there!

        Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


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