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Birthday care package for the birthday boy!

You know those times when you think to yourself,  “Wow, they’re gonna think I’m crazy”? This is one of those times.

S’s birthday was this past weekend and we have yet to spend his birthday together. So, I decided to send him a birthday in a box! Because what guy hasn’t always dreamed of a pirate birthday party? Heck, I want a pirate party!

Excuse the horrible photos. At 4 a.m., getting quality photos was not high on my priorities.


Oh the box. The lovely box. Honestly I was surprised how easy the banners were to make. I made tons of triangles and alternated two different patterned paper. I used two different ribbons as well and attached them to the box through a hole I punched. I also used a dot of glue on each triangle to keep it in place.


I really tried to keep with the pirate theme through the box. Yes, I know the emphasis should have been on the RRR but again,  4 a.m. 


I included:
Cakes in a jar
A photo book
A music player
Temp tattoos
pirate noisemakers
And 8 goodie bags for his friends, with eye patches, mini Rubix cubes,  and a ton else.


The cakes were a simple Funfetti boxed mix. I LOVE how they turned out. They were just colorful enough.


I only included the blue frosting because I ran out of room. I love how it includes sprinkles too!


Oh the goodie bags. I was SO worried they would hate them. They LOVED what I put in them and even sent me photos with the eye patches on. Love it!!

So glad it all worked. On to the next box!

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