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Wait, Germany?

I love to plan. I love to have everything figured out, with my lists completed and every step of my life figured out.

Then I married the military. Seriously, what was I thinking?!

In the past year, I’ve gone from engaged and planning a wedding eventually, to planning a wedding in a few months, to planning a wedding in two weeks, to married, to moving to Georgia, to PCSing TO GERMANY next summer!

Yep, that’s right. Germany. The country in Europe.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you could hear my screams (of excitement and fear) through the screen.

Of course Germany was on the top of his wish list. We would LOVE to live there, and I am very, very excited for it. But AHHH.

So now, instead of figuring out what to bring out to Georgia when I was supposed to move out there this summer, I am figuring out what I need to buy to completely furnish a place. In Germany.

I am so excited to take you all on the journey with me, from figuring out what to bring, to where to live, to what to see!

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