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New Years Dinner Fail!

You guys, I am so disappointed. S and I spend hours in the kitchen on New Year’s Eve cooking a traditional German holiday meal. We made goose breast, red cabbage, dumplings, and clover rolls all from scratch.

It was terrible.

Honestly, it was the worst meal I have ever had, let alone made. Every single aspect of it was bland.

S wanted goose SO badly and I always am up for a challenge. Unfortunately, when we looked up traditional recipes they were all super complex, which we didn’t want to deal with. Finally we found one that was simple and sounded amazing. It could have been. It had such great potential… if we hadn’t severely overcooked it!

Here’s a tip for you, thermometers are your FRIEND! USE them!

Then, the cabbage. S had red cabbage at dinner a month ago and fell in love. When cooking it, it just smelled amazing. The cabbage had red wine and a lovely cheesecloth of bay leaves and cloves. Too bad that flavor never got to the cabbage itself. It somehow turned out rubbery and tasteless. Yuck!!

To be fair, the potato dumplings were a compilation of a few different recipes. I couldn’t find one particular one that I liked the look of so I took aspects of three different recipes. We had also never had a potato dumpling before so we were going in blind. We boiled and grated/mashed potatoes, added the egg and flour, formed and boiled… into a bland, gummy textured glob. Even thinking about it makes me dry heave. Ugh.

The rolls. Oh the rolls. In total they took over three hours of rising. We worked so hard on them. We were so excited for fresh baked homemade rolls, and what perfect theming for New Years! Germany is all about clovers for the holiday. Too bad they were so tasteless. We slathered on butter to give it something, but it still wasn’t enough. Thankfully we only made 1/3 of a batch or we would have been throwing away three dozen.

You know, everything is a learning experience. Even though we didn’t eat dinner until 1 a.m. and it was terrible, at least now we have great memories!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for all of us in 2016!

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