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Meal Plan: Week 4

One day I will get the hang of posting every week. I swear, since we got here I have been either sick or on the verge of sick the entire time! I don’t know what it is. Plus, last weekend for our 2nd anniversary (?!?!) we took an AMAZING trip to Nuremberg. It was completely spur of the moment, but so incredibly worth it. I’ll make a post soon with photos!

I have been majorly slacking on meal planning. After S’s friend left I just needed a minute to breathe and recollect myself and sadly haven’t gotten back into it. Plus, at the end of this week I’m headed back to the states for my brother’s wedding!! That means this week will be full of yummy food that can be made in large batches and frozen for while I’m gone. So much to do, so little time!

Sunday: Homemade mac and cheese adapted from All Recipes

Monday: President’s Day steak and sweet potatoes!

Tuesday: Balsamic chicken with roasted veggies from Skinny Taste

Wednesday: Turkey and bacon meatloaf from Joy the Baker

Thursday: Chicken tacos

Friday: Date night!

PLUS three great freezer meals for when I’m gone!

Mozzarella stuffed meatballs from Picky Palate

Baked Ziti from Picky Palate

Chili from McCormick

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