It’s official…

I am terrible at blogging.

I keep thinking “Today is the day! I am going to blog and it is going to be great and I’ll DEFINITELY stick with it.”

The fact that it has been months shows how completely wrong that is.

To be fair, though, life has been absolutely crazy around here. S has been in leadership school for the past 5.5 weeks, meaning he hasn’t known when he was getting home until he showed up at our front door. Doesn’t translate well to meal plans!

Update on our lives: S is now a STAFF SERGEANT! Woohoo! I, as of today, have a FULL time job, which is so exciting. I am not a very good stay at home wife. Its driving me crazy, although  I LOVE all of the time it leaves me for kitten cuddles!!

Another update, my best friend since 7th grade is getting MARRIED in August. I am so incredibly excited to go home and be her bridesmaid!

I am going to work on being better at this whole “blogging” thing.


Thank you all for sticking it through with me!

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