New Year, New Blog Post

One day, one day I will have the time to blog endlessly.

One day that isn’t filled with rising early (more like S literally dragging me out of bed)

or early morning commutes (S drives, I sit there and pretend to be awake)

or stacks of paperwork (score one for me, making it all digital!)

or long days (but not long enough to get it all done)

and busy nights cooking dinner (meal prep is my friend)

ending in bed, 15 hours after waking (no such thing as too much sleep).


Okay, my life is pretty darn sweet. For example, this week, my lovely husband made a weekly meal plan, went shopping with me, and spent all of our day off cooking dinner for the week with me. He wakes up before I do and makes me coffee to cure that caffeine headache before it sets in. I feel so lucky to be living here with him.

Of course, a constant goal is to get healthy. We have decided to do the Keto lifestyle. Essentially, low carb, high protein and fat. Definitely takes some getting used to, but we like it. I’ll start posting our keto meal plans this week.

Hope you all are doing great. (Sometimes I feel like a cheerleader, running around work telling people they can do it. It happens.)

Until next time.

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