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Meal Plan: Week 3

Wait, January is almost over already? This year is going by too quickly. Make it stop! I can't believe that in two weeks S and I are having our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Didn't we just get married like... last month?! MAKE IT STOP! Anyway, here is this week's meal plan! Sunday: Homemade wings from Food Network… Continue reading Meal Plan: Week 3

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Meal Plan: Week 2

I know, I know, it's already Tuesday. With S's friend here last week everything has been crazy. We "exchanged him" with other friends on Sunday, and have been playing catch up since. He gets back here Thursday, so insanity will again insue. This week is a "Pining for California" meal plan. We have been craving… Continue reading Meal Plan: Week 2

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New Years Dinner Fail!

You guys, I am so disappointed. S and I spend hours in the kitchen on New Year's Eve cooking a traditional German holiday meal. We made goose breast, red cabbage, dumplings, and clover rolls all from scratch. It was terrible. Honestly, it was the worst meal I have ever had, let alone made. Every single… Continue reading New Years Dinner Fail!